Breeding ground for start-ups

For (bio)pharmaceutical start-ups and education

The incubator serves as the ‘breeding ground’ for (bio)pharmaceutical start-ups at Pivot Park. Here, the brightest of researchers in the field of result-driven drug discovery and development are supported, and entrepreneurial enterprises grow into self-sustaining start-ups, capable of standing on their own two feet. The incubator promotes a lively and inspiring working environment for employees of all levels. The incubator also serves as the link between knowledge institutions and Pivot Park.

There is room in the incubator for 10 to 20 start-ups. Companies are only permitted to stay in the incubator for a limited number of years, though an extension is possible if appropriate justification can be provided. The aim is for them to relocate in Pivot Park or leave the park completely once they have progressed sufficiently.


Building description
The entire existing building will be stripped to its concrete shell. In addition to the complete renovation of the façade, the entire technical installation and the building layout will also be modernised. Together with the basement and the atrium, which will be newly built, the entire property will span 3,756 m² GFA (3,139 m² GLA).

Racoon: 3-floor multi-tenant building

Floor area

3,756 m² (40,429 ft²) GFA

3,139 m² (33,788 ft²) GLA


Office space



There is room in the incubator for 10 to 20 start-ups
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Towards a zero-energy building

Reuse is a central theme in this redevelopment. The existing concrete shell will be used for constructing the Racoon. With regard to sustainability, the aim is for the building to meet the requirements for nearly zero-energy buildings. The Racoon will also be equipped with PV panels, aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES), solar control glazing and LED lighting.
Reduce demand for heating and cooling:
  • Good insulation
  • Triple glass
  • Good airtightness
  • Compact building
  • Optimum balance of open and closed
  • Save light energy (LED)
Reduce fossil energy consumption/
apply renewable energy:
  • Energy-efficient installations
  • Demand-driven climate control
  • PV modules (roof and perhaps facade)
  • Low temperature heating
    (thermal storage and heat pumps)


Start concept design

Go / No-go

Start construction

Building completion

Q4 2020

Start concept design


Q3 2020

Q3 2023

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