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Get more out of Pivot Park with the pivot community app

We are proud to present our new community app: pivot community. It has never been easier to stay connected with Pivot Park and our community members. With this app, we aim to bring you together and always stay up to date about what is going on at the campus. You can share and acquire knowledge and successes, network with like-minded, register for events, find all relevant campus information, and much more…! 

Curious why you should download pivot community?


Make contact easily by connecting with other community members, have 1:1 chats, or group chats.


It’s easy to find other companies in the community. Find out their core business, learn about their innovations or get in touch with their employees.


Be the first to hear about the news and successes of Pivot Park tenants as well as the latest information and updates related to the campus ground.


Information and registration for internal and external events are only a few clicks away. You will never miss an activity in the app.


You will find all campus information in one overview. Order your lunch or catering, check out meeting and presentation facilities, access the service guide or submit your vacancies.

What else?

This app is accessible, user-friendly, and completely free! You can use pivot community on your mobile device as well as on your desktop or tablet as a web version. Are you ready to connect and strengthen your network within Pivot Park? Download pivot community now!

How to download the pivot community app?

You will receive an email from Pivot Park communications with a login and password. Download the app on your smartphone as described in the mail and login with your details in the app. Now you can start using pivot community and stay connected! 


If you didn’t receive an email from Pivot Park communications, please send an email to

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