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The vitality of employees forms the foundation of a healthy organisation. When you are vital, you are most likely more committed and productive, and therefore you are an important contributor to your organisations success. A good balance between stress and energy but also the balance between work and life contribute to vitality.

PiVitality program

We are proud to launch an exclusive vitality program in our community that will contribute to your vitality. Together with FiTNEZZplaza we developed the PiVitality program (in Dutch), with a value of €160,- euro per user, which we can offer to you free of charge. The program will run several times per year for two months. Through the program we offer you a variety of vitality related activities and information focused on exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. You perform the PiVitality program all by yourself, no need to do this in a group. However we recommend you to ask someone close to you to be your buddy. Your buddy can motivate you in this 2 month process of change. If needed you can also contact FiTNEZZplaza for professional support.



• Muscles & Bones
• Effective exercise
• Exercise guidelines



• Nutrition & Recipes
• Changing eating patterns
• Importance and use of water



• Sleep & Stress
• Mindfullness
• Hormone balance

In January 2022 we will launch the 4th PiVitality program. This is an exclusive platform that can only be used by a select group of 20 community members each time. The program will run for two months and will be available multiple times throughout the year. During the program you will learn about health, exersise, nutrition, daily routine and sleep, as well as work-life balance (and much much more). Registration is open now! Let us know if you want to join. Sign up below. You will get daily challenges, information, tasks and topics to reflect on.

Here’s for the lucky ones: start now, its free!

Start date:

31 January 2022

Deadline registration:

24 January 2022

Max participants:

20 participants


Free (original value €160,-)

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