5 floors of offices, labs and cleanrooms

Building exterior completed! Available now for single-occupancy or multi-tenant use

The all-new Panther building at Pivot Park is a five-floor building with a flexible structure: the facade and floor plans can be adjusted as desired, creating an ideal building with laboratories, cleanrooms, offices and storage area. The first BENG-compliant-ready* building at Pivot Park, the high-quality design includes rainwater infiltration technology, optimised insulation and the option for roof mounted solar panels, LED lighting and heat pumps.

*BENG is a Dutch standard for energy-efficient buildings.

Energy-efficient building for cGMP production or R&D labs with offices


Floor area (GFA) 4,514 m2 ( 48,588 sq ft).
Dimensions (gross): 28 x 31 m.
Floor loading capacity: 500 – 1,000 kg/m2.


cGMP-warehouse, offices, labs, cleanrooms (Class D) with walkable ceiling, technical area.

Available utilities

Power supply: connected to the 10 kV grid and equipped with a transformer with an output of 1,600 kVA.
City water
Demineralised water
Nitrogen (6 bar)
Compressed air (6 bar)
CO2 (6 bar)
Fiber optic for IT/internet

Ground Floor (868 m2)

Entrance, goods entrance and possibility for a warehouse.

1st floor (852 m2)

Production floor

2nd floor (852 m2)

Production floor

3rd floor (852 m2 + 228 m2)

Production floor with a mezzanine of 228 m2.

4th floor (852 m2)

Staff restaurant area and technical space.
Additional roof top entrance: 10 m2



Towards a zero-energy building

Panther has been built to comply with Dutch requirements for a nearly zero-energy building (BENG). Features include solar panels to generate power, fossil-free installations, solar control glass, permanent facade louvres and LED lighting.

Reduce demand for heating and cooling:
  • Compact building
  • Good insulation
  • Glass with a low solar-heat-gain coefficient
  • Good air-tightness
  • Optimum balance of open and closed facades
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
Fossil energy down, renewable energy up:
  • Energy-efficient installations
  • Demand-driven climate control
  • PV solar modules on roof
  • Low-temperature heating and cooling
  • Heat-recovery installations


Start concept design

Submittal Planning

Start technical design

Start construction

Building completion

November 2020
Q3 2020

Q1 2021

Q3 2021

December 2022

Start concept design


January 2020

Q3 2023

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