Flexible multi-tenant laboratories and offices

For biopharmaceutical companies.
From scale-up to SME.

The Grizzly building (RA) is a multi-tenant building spanning over eight floors and offering approximately 11,000 m² Gross Floor Area (GFA) of which 9,700 m² are Gross Leasable Area (GLA). Approximately 30% of the Grizzly floor space will  be allocated to offices and 70% to biological , analytical  and chemical laboratories, including ML1 and ML2laboratories. On demand, spaces can also be allocated to cleanroom facilities. Leasable units vary from 50 – 250 – 500 – 1000 m² GLA.

The Grizzly building will provide space for a range of modern research facilities in a bespoke, yet flexible environment. A variety of conference rooms, co-working spaces, pantries and meeting places is   distributed over the building, stimulating innovation, creativity and collaboration.. Connected by swirling staircases, these spaces become the vertical heart of the building. With two architecturally refined outdoor terracestenants will have access to areas of high quality open space, aiming to foster the  sense of community. Integrating architecture, interior and landscape, the building will become a thriving and highly flexible first-class multi-tenant research facility. Pivot Park has embarked on a plan to invest in a dynamic and world-class research campus. The first phase of this visionary masterplan will be reflected in  the Grizzly building.

Grizzly: Multi-tenant 8-floor building

Floor area

11,000 m² (118,403 ft²) GFA
9,700 m² (104,409 ft²) GLA


Office space (30%)

Laboratories (70%) including ML1 and ML2 Labs

Ground floor:

Main entrance, reception, pantry and leasable units of 50-250 m² GLA for smaller companies.

2nd floor:

Leasable unit(s) of 50-250 m² GLA, co-working area, conference rooms and a meeting area.

3rd floor and 5th floor:

Leasable unit(s) of 250-1000 m² GLA, co-working area, pantry and outdoor terrace.

4th floor, 6th and 7th floor:

Leasable unit(s) of 250-1000 m² GLA, conference rooms and meeting area.

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Towards a zero-energy building

With regards to sustainability, the aim is to meet the requirements for a nearly zero-energy building. The installation of PV panels, fossil-free installations, solar control glazing, permanent facade louvers and LED lighting, will make Grizzly a sustainable energy building.

Reduce demand for heating and cooling:
  • Compact building
  • Good insulation
  • Low solar heat gain coefficient glass
  • Good air-tightness
  • Optimum balance of open and closed facade
  • Save light energy (LED)
Reduce fossil energy consumption /
apply renewable energy:
  • Energy-efficient installations
  • Demand-driven climate control
  • PV modules on roof
  • Low temperature heating and cooling
  • Heat-recovery installations

Lease options

High quality Laboratory and Office space options:
  • Office- and meeting rooms
  • Biolabs (ML1 & ML2)
  • Chemistry labs
  • Analytical labs
  • Cleanrooms (on demand)
Flexible parameters
  • Full floor (1000 m²)
  • Half floor (500 m²)
  • Quarter floor (250 m²)
  • Individual labs and offices


Start concept design

Submittal Planning

Start technical design

Start construction

Building completion

January 2020

Q4 2020
Q1 2021

Q1 2022

Q3 2023

Start concept design


January 2020

Q3 2023

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