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The building is to become the office and research site for existing tenants in the RE building, for tenants already located at Pivot Park who are in need of an extension and for new tenants from outside the park. In addition, the Grizzly will be the next step up for start-ups that are expanding from the incubator (the Racoon building).

The incubator will serve as the ‘breeding ground’ for (bio)pharmaceutical start-ups at Pivot Park, where the brightest of researchers have support in the field of result-driven drug discovery and development, and where entrepreneurship and can grow into a start-up that is capable of standing on its own two feet. The incubator promotes a lively and inspiring working environment for employees of all levels.

The Panther will be a single-tenant building. The tenant is a company from the pharmaceutical sector.

The redevelopment of Pivot Park takes place in consultation with both the province of Noord-Brabant, the municipality of Oss and the companies housed at Pivot Park. Teams of experts are formed for the new developments on the site, including an architect, a structural engineer, an installation consultant, a building cost expert and a project manager.
Interested parties can subscribe to Pivot Park newsletters. We will also periodically communicate on the progress of the new construction plans via the website.


Construction on Grizzly has started Q1 2021. The construction of the Panther building will start from Q3 2021. With regards to Racoon we are planning to strip the entire existing building to its concrete shell. We aim to start the construction in Q3 2022.

The complete redevelopment of Pivot Park will certainly take another 10 years or so. The realization of new buildings depends on market demand. We will therefore not construct any buildings if there is no demand.


In order to serve the development of Pivot Park as good as possible, a master plan has been drawn up. This master plan proposes an (urban development) framework within which vision and quality are monitored and steered. Essential components and priorities have been identified to guarantee the spatial quality of Pivot Park in the long term. At the same time, the plan provides scope to respond flexibly to questions and developments from the market in order to seize as many opportunities as possible. The municipality Oss and the province support the development.
On the side of MSD, Pivot Park will gain a small piece of land. However, most of the growth will take place through densification, i.e. more efficient use of space. In addition to new construction, the old RE building will be demolished. On balance, more people will be employed at Pivot Park.
During the redevelopment period there will be construction traffic via the Kloosterstraat. There will also be work space created for contractors at various places on the site. Pivot Park and future contractors will inform local residents about this in due course. During the redevelopment of Pivot Park, new contemporary buildings will be realised. The quality and appearance of the buildings at Pivot Park will improve.
The redevelopment period will last until approximately 2030. During that time, building materials will be supplied and a construction site will be set up. In connection with the work of existing tenants on the campus, it is very important to keep vibrations and nuisance to a minimum. This will be checked on the basis of measurements. Pivot Park and the future contractors will also communicate about this with local residents in advance.
This includes: improving the appearance of the park, higher user comfort for tenants, higher sustainability of the buildings, which will also lower energy costs.
With the increase in the number of square meters of office / lab space, there will also be an additional influx of new employees. The objective is to encourage people to make use of public transport as much as possible. The issue of mobility will be further investigated in the coming period.
The objective is that the new buildings will meet the requirements of Nearly Energy Neutral construction. The new buildings will be very well insulated and installations will be very economical. We plan to make use of solar panels, in addition we are investigating the possibilities of heat and cold storage (in the ground).


The Grizzly is a multi-tenant building spanning approximately 11,000 m² Gross Floor Area (GFA) of which 8,100 m² is Gross Leasable Area (GLA). Besides general space (like reception, conference rooms, washrooms) approximately 30% of the space in the Grizzly will usually be allocated to offices and 70% to Biology and or Chemistry Laboratories. including ML1 and ML2 Labs. Space can also be allocated for cleanroom facilities, on demand. The building has eight floors. Leasable units vary from 50 – 250 – 500 – 1.000 m² GLA.

The laboratories are classified ML1 and ML2.

What kind of public space we will create depends on the needs of our future tenants. In one on one meetings with new tenants we will try to figure out what their wishes are. Tenants enjoy a great deal of flexibility with regard to layout. Although there is direct access between the laboratories and office spaces, they can be closed off and leased separately. Alternately, the spaces may also be connected, allowing for a larger area (1,000 m², for example) to be leased out to a single tenant. The space on the 1st and 2nd floor can be configured for leasing-out to smaller entities (such as start-ups that will be able to scale up and continue their growth from the incubator).

In individual conversations we have with (potential) tenants who want to rent space in the new multi-tenant building, tenants can indicate which spaces/ functions they need. We will assess whether these wishes can be accommodated in the new building. The objective is to create a flexible building, which should allow us to accommodate the wishes and needs of (new) tenants now and in the future.
In individual conversations we have with the tenants who are going to be housed the new multi-tenant building, they can indicate which equipment they would like to use shared. Pivot Park will make an inventory and if there is sufficient demand for specific equipment, Pivot Park can make an offer.
The building will have a central entrance and reception area. Staffing of the reception entails costs and will therefore be adapted to the needs and wishes of Grizzly’s tenants in due course.
Cell line storage, as well as storage space for operational stocks is provided in Grizzly. The storage facility for packaged hazardous substances and gases will be located in a separate storage building next to Grizzly. As far as cooling/freezing space is concerned, we will consult with the tenants to determine whether there is a need for this.

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