Update Building plans at Tenants News Flash

The latest insights and updates with regards to Grizzly and the building plans have been shared with the Pivot Park Community during the online Tenants News flash.

Pivot Park community consists of over 60 tenants with around 600 people working at the campus. Twice a year we have a tenant consultation, however, with so much information to share in particular about Grizzly, it was decided to add two additional meetings annually to inform and update the park residents via conference call.

Last update in April was very well received and many of the tenants are excited about the future plans. In particular those who have intention moving into the new premises in due time. In order to give tenants an overview of the options with regards to office and lab space in the new building, Pivot Park will open a “Grizzly Sales Information Point” onsite (to be found at the ground floor of building RI, The Pivot). Let us know if you are interested to explore your options and book a one on one meeting with business development. We are happy to welcome you at our Grizzly Sales Office.