The future of biopharma starts here

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Together we can improve global health

We have a clear mission at Pivot Park: if we invest in building a world-class biopharmaceutical R&D infrastructure it will create the perfect conditions for companies to grow. This will support the development of a dynamic, pharma-based knowledge community. Together, through this, we will improve global health. Today, this is exactly what we are doing.

Are you ready for future growth?

Pivot Park is one of the fastest growing campuses in the Netherlands, in one of the most science-focused cities in the country. 

With a proven track record to build on, the campus is now moving forward with its next growth phase. 

Key to this will be expansion, with the construction of two new buildings and the redevelopment of an existing one.

Exterior: finished. Interior: ready to fit out to your needs!


The all-new Panther building is an energy-efficient five-floor building with a flexible structure: the facade and floor plans can be adjusted as desired, creating an ideal building with offices, labs and cleanrooms. Read more >
Pre-announcement Incubator


Racoon is Pivot Park’s incubator facility. It’s the go-to location for early phase start-ups and a springboard for young enterprises that will shortly be ready for life in The Grizzly. Companies in the Racoon develop ideas and are offered many opportunities. Read more >


The future of biopharma starts here

The future of biopharma starts here

Grizzly serves as the hothouse for a myriad of pharmaceutical companies large and small. Approximately 30% of the space is set aside for offices and the remaining 70% for labs. Both labs and offices can be configured as desired and spaces can be combined, closed off and leased separately. Grizzly is ideally situated at life sciences campus Pivot Park in Oss, the Netherlands. Read more >

Pivot Park is part of a bigger picture

Pivot Park is part of an ecosystem of leading companies and knowledge institutes that focus on innovations in drug development. Through this interconnectivity, the park community can help ambitious entrepreneurs ensure that they have all the resources they need to accelerate their growth.

Are you ready for future growth?

Brigitte Drees, CEO Pivot Park


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